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  • HOW to create curiosity in you and your deals, so that they actually contact YOU, interested in finding out more (this is so much easier, more pleasant, and effective than trying to chase after them).
  • The BEST ways to create 'instant' credibility, authority and trust, so that people will be pre-disposed to invest with you.
Using the “Money Partner Formula" you will gain clear and simple ways to find your ideal investor partners and raise capital for your real estate deals…
  • No matter what kind of real estate investing you do.
  • Whether you have raised any money before or not.
  • Without having to worry about being rejected.
  • Ultimately getting you your ideal investor partners and creating truly win-win deals!
Hi, I’m Dave Dubeau from, nice to meet you!

I help busy real estate investors who want to raise money for their deals to find money partners.  

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Money Partner Formula Book
Praise for the "Money Partner Formula" Book...
“In Dave’s new book Money Partner Formula he shares very valuable lessons on what you can do to easily attract investors and money for your own deals. I know this stuff works because I do it. If you do some of what Dave teaches you will have some success (which is good), and if you do everything Dave teaches you will have phenomenal success. The key point is to just do it and do it with consistency.”

Ken Beaton is a very successful real estate investor, educator and public speaker located in Eastern Ontario. He is the co-author of Creative Real Estate Investing for Canadians and How To Buy And Manage An Investment Property.
"I've often said that your net worth is the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with professionally. If you are smart, Dave Dubeau should be one of those people. His book Money Partner Formula bridges the gap between learning about real estate investing and actually creating a substantial portfolio, enjoying big cash flow and having an amazing net worth. If you want to be a serious real estate investor (or real estate entrepreneur as Dave calls us), get this book and implement what you learn."

Wright J. Thurston is one of the few people in the world to have built a million-dollar net worth in five totally different businesses. He's a legendary real estate trainer and author who has done over 3,400 presentations over 35 years. Visit
“Money Partner Formula is your one-stop real estate marketing master plan for attracting, retaining and creating investor money partners. Let’s face it, the vast majority of people let alone real estate entrepreneurs, have not studied or practiced marketing. Dave Dubeau is a marketing expert with years of real experience. He has shared the tools in his tool bag, but none of this matters if you don’t put the tools into practice. I’ve spent years studying and implementing marketing and Dave is by far the master. And the great thing is that he has summarized all of his marketing secrets into a concise package.”

July Ono went from $40,000 in debt to acquiring over 500 doors in less than ten years. She realized that it was WHO YOU ARE that attracts the money and that Real Estate Investing is all about RELATIONSHIPS. Find out more about July at or
"I just finished reading Dave's new book Money Partner Formula... Absolutely OUTSTANDING! If you're looking to raise capital for your real estate deals, look no further. Dave is not only a master marketer, he's also an expert real estate investor who has raised millions for his own deals and he can show you how to do the same. I WISH I had a book like this when I got started investing - it would have dramatically reduced my learning curve and given me MUCH faster results."

Paul Blacquiere is an entrepreneur, investor, consultant, speaker, and Canada's top RRSP mortgage expert. He's founder of Spirepoint Real Estate, an education website for real estate investors. 
“Dave Dubeau is one of Canada’a smartest marketers and in this book you’ll learn his step by step system for using smart marketing to simplify what you can do to raise money for your deals. Definitely worth a read”.

Julie Broad, Bestselling Author, Award Winning Entrepreneur & Real Estate Investor. Founder of Rev N You Training Inc. Connect with her at 
“In my 40 years of legal practice, many of my real estate clients lament that they have more deals than money. My advice to them is that just the way they've learned to find deals, accomplish their due diligence and make successful purchases, they can also learn how to find money. And when they ask how they can learn, I always refer them to my good friend and ace investor/teacher, Dave Dubeau. Dave has been assisting real estate entrepreneurs for many years on their hunt for those magical investor dollars. His new book,’ Money Partner Formula’ is a new, easy to read and amazing money finding resource that I strongly recommend.”

Barry McGuire. Real Estate Lawyer, Investor and Trainer.
“I used to think I knew something about sales and marketing until I read Dave Dubeau’s Money Partner Formula; now I know I only know something about sales. Dave goes through some valuable ideas for building your investor list until cash is practically raining down on you."

Bruce M Firestone, PhD. Ottawa Senators founder. Real Estate investor. 
“This is a wealth of information set out in a clear - step by step format that when followed with the actionable steps outlined in the book - you too will be successful with Dave's 5 step Money Partner Formula”.

Kathy Long is a Professional real estate investor; mentor, coach, YWCA Woman of Distinction Nominee. Kathy acquired 21 doors in 24 months and achieved financial freedom in 2.5 years.  
“A Real Powerful Secret” ...When people seek you out, EVERYthing in life is easier. The challenge is creating “a machine” that consistently feeds you. In this powerful book, you’ll discover Dave’s proven system for getting people to call you, instantly putting you in driver’s seat of any deal.  If you’re even considering getting into real estate, get this book and get to work. It will make you wealthier. 

Dustin Mathews, CEO & Founder  
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